Thursday, July 27, 2017

Tamaow latest commissioned cat portrait painting 27.07.17

A completed commission cat portrait done by me 😊 


We have been living in Japan for the past year because of work and last summer we found a new kitten by the river, close to the metro station where we lived in Osaka 6 months ago.

We started to feed her everyday when we would walk through the park after work, she was so friendly with all the humans she met, she loved us from the first day we met her.

After a couple of weeks, she started to follow us so we decided to pick her up and take her to our apartment and bring her to a vet and see if she was healthy and get her spayed. 

Our intention was to originally get her vaccinated and spayed and find her a family to adopt her in Osaka. But in the mean time, a lot of things changed in our life and we decided to keep her. My husband chose the name Kawa for her, which means river in Japanese.

We travel with a circus show for living, so after a few months in Osaka we moved to Nagoya and we moved Kawa with us, she is very calm and she doesn't mind traveling, she took the train, the metro, the bus many times in her life.

After we were done with the show in Nagoya, we flew with her to the USA where she lives now. We had 2 long flights for a total of 20 hrs of traveling by plane with her and everything went well. 

Kawa lives in the USA now… 


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