Friday, December 04, 2015

50 Meow Project cat painting 04.12.15

Shandy (No.50): 

"Our cat's name is Shandy. My boyfriend adopted her from Cat Welfare Society when she's a kitten, so she's about 9 years old I think.

Last year we adopted a dog from SOSD, we named her Hiper. We wouldn't have Hiper today if Shandy didn't accept Hiper into the family. 

We always joked that Shandy adopted Hiper, not us. They are not best friends (yet) but they know it's family."

(Pets' photos are provided by my customer, Thank You!)

'50 Meow Project' Exhibition is now showing at Cat Cafe Neko no Niwa (54A Boat Quay, Singapore) from now to 13.12.15.

If you like to commission a pet portrait painting, do send your enquiries to


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